Introducing Threads across the Pacific:

  • Threads across the Pacific offers unemployed women of Vanuatu electric sewing machines, sewing supplies and introductory sewing workshops.
  • The Project provides the opportunity, it is up to the individual Women whether they use the machines to sew for themselves and their families or whether they choose to produce products to sell either within their community or to tourists and expats.
  • The secondary purpose is to identify any NiVan Woman (from the introductory workshop) who has the sewing skills, organisational skills and the motivation to  progress and to offer opportunity  and mentoring as tutors.

Our Philosophy:

  • The Project has no affiliations with any religious or political group.
  • We believe in giving 'A hand up, not a hand out' with the goal of Aid Independence not Aid Dependence.
  • We aim to give unemployed women  the opportunity to improve their income and thus to improve the lives of themselves and their families.
  • Tutors within the Project are expected to show respect to the participants by: Acknowledging that each women enters the workshop with differing levels of prior experience & will therefore achieve differing levels of success during the workshop.    To the best of our ability we show respect  for Ni Van culture and religion.