Every Woman receives a sewing kit at the beginning of the workshop. All the kits contain sewing supplies donated by New Zealanders.

Sewing bunting is one of the projects we make on the first day of a workshop

Workshops are held in Churches, Schools or private homes.

Raymon wearing new shorts Mum has made in the workshop on her second day of learning to sew.

Another Vanuatu workshop group display the little girls skirts made on Day 3.

Making a new dress each is a very popular project on the final workshop day.

The Nagere group & expat helpers at the end of the 4day workshop

The sewing class at Won Smolbag after a 2day drafting workshop


Jessie hopes to become a tailor in the future, he made his first pair of shorts with Alison.

There are emotional farewells at the end of each workshop